7 Course Budapest Dinner Cruise with Folklore and Operetta Show

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Get a new Hungarian adventure by visiting Budapest dinner cruise with Operetta and Folklore show.


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~ 2,5 Hours budapest cruise
Candle-lit dinner
Welcome drink
Live folklore and operetta show
Private table



Departure place:

1051 Budapest, Jane Haining Rakpart, Dock 11.

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Budapest Cruise & Hungarian Folklore Show

Get a new Hungarian adventure by visiting Budapest dinner cruise with Operetta and Folklore show.

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary hides marvelous sights and events for curious tourists. As a matter of fact, according to the findings of the European Best Destination (EBD) tourist organization Budapest has become the best European destination in 2019. About 77% of the votes came from foreign people, Americans, Germans, French and Italians. This is an exceptionally high rate of which Hungary, especially Budapest, can be really proud; and the city is continuously making an effort to keep its popular image.

Now you can believe that a Budapest cruise on our luxurious catamaran will give you an unforgettable experience while staying in Budapest. What could a complete Budapest river dinner cruise service offer for you? What we will guarantee each evening is amazing, – since we organize the operetta and folklore show on board from every Monday to every Sunday of the whole year – providing a 7-course candlelit dining and the performance showed by talented folklore dance teams and outstanding musicians of gypsy music gained talent by playing all over the world.

In addition, it is worth gazing at the impressive architectural, cultural and historical building by cruising such as welcoming the Hungarian Parliament, clinking with a glass of champagne on the bow of the vessel, kissing your lover and taking a perfect selfie. Enjoy how beautiful the Chain Bridge lit up, crossing the Margaret Bridge reaching the greenery Margaret Island. Even look at the Gellért Hill and Buda Castle, actually, each statue and sight might be seen on board from one perspective sitting in one comfortable chair by an elegant and romantic Budapest river cruise.

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During the 2,5-hour cruise, you will have the possibility to get the above mentioned 7-course dishes.

Of course, our catering service is always paying attention to someone suffering from an allergic or sensitive reactions to ingredients the foods include. That’s why they will prepare your special food on request.

If you do not know much about Hungarian cuisine, here is some important information to keep in mind. Traditional Hungarian dishes are usually hot and spicy such as the world-famous goulash soup. Beside salt much paprika and pepper are used during preparation of the meals that generally give an excellent flavor. Usually sour cream is used with meat dishes, like stuffed cabbage or stuffed paprika are served with sour cream and fresh bread. Some dishes are greasy and fattening, though, for instance ‘pörkölt’, or stew, but it is definitely worth trying once with pickles.

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While toasting to all nice events happen in the future, enjoy listening to Hungarian folk songs like “Csárdáskirálynő”, “Marica grófnő” or “Cigányszerelem” performed by our talented artists.

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The magical Hungarian music

Many people love the Hungarian music rich in themes, tunes and several shades: happy, spectacular, colorful, energetic etc. Talented singers in the foreground while violin, contrabass and cimbalom players in the background together make an unforgettable special mixture of music that you have never heard elsewhere. Cimbalom, a stringed instrument is commonly used in Central-Eastern Europe. Its trapezoidal wooden body stands on four legs and has metal strings stretched across its table-like top. Franz Liszt introduced its modern version as an orchestral instrument.

Hungarian operetta is a unique genre; both music and subject matter are light. Its genre is cheerful, life-affirming. Imre Kálmán and Ferenc Lehár were the two most famous authors of these masterpieces. Their music is quite catchy. The titles of some world-famous pieces are Csárdáskirálynő (The Czardas Queen), Vígözvegy (The merry widow), Marica grófnő (Countess Maritza), Víg cimborák (Happy mates) etc. The merry widow piece was even performed on Broadway in America.

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Traditional Hungarian folk dance types

The old style Hungarian folk dance types are The maiden’s round dance, Herdsman’s dances and Stick dance, Lad’s and Leaping Dances. The modern ones appeared in the 18-19th centuries are Recruiting dance (verbun) and Csárdás. The most well-known dance is the Csárdás which is eventually a couple dance. It starts slower but becomes quick and rhythmic in the middle.

The maiden’s round dance is performed only by young women who walk around and form circles while singing traditional folk songs.

Herdsman’s dances and Stick dance is performed by men using drums, shawms, bagpipes or even a real stick, the dance with sticks is also called ‘hajdútánc’.

Recruiting dance was born during the time of the Austro-Hungarian army with the purpose of recruitment. It is only performed by men.

The most popular folk dance style of the Hungarian culture is the ‘ugrós-legényes’, that is, the Lad’s and Leaping Dances. What you can see here is that men perform a solo dance in front of their group. This dance includes several jumps, heel-clicking and running.

Regarding prices you can find all information on our website. As you would expect, there are lower prices guaranteed for children between 5 and 10 years old. Tickets can be purchased online where you can get extra discount as well or at Dock 11 personally (near Elisabeth Bridge). If you would like to book an own table for you and your beloved ones with a more intimate atmosphere and privacy, contact our colleagues to get a private sphere on board.

As you can see, during one evening you can gain insight into the life of the Hungarian capital city meanwhile consuming delicious meals, spending time with your family members and friends, also taking a short memory from the well-known Hungarian folk culture.

We wish program would give a memorable entertaining night for all foreign visitors once spending their holidays in our breathtaking town and in case having the next opportunity to travel, come and see us again.