Budapest Valentine’s Day – Dinner with Cruise


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Your ticket includes:

  • ~ 2,5 Hours budapest cruise
  • Candle-lit dinner
  • 4-course menu
  • Welcome drink
  • Live piano show
  • Free Valentine’s Gift (1 red rose, strawberry champagne, 2 heart-shaped chocolates in boxes)
  • Window table (optional)


Departure place:

1051 Budapest, Jane Haining Rakpart, Dock 11.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s day?

Do you want to see the stars from a beautiful catamaran?

Have you ever sailed on the Danube river at night? We recommend you the best Valentine’s Day cruise you never had before!

Come sail with us on Valentine’s Day! Why us? First of all, you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day cruise on Hungary’s well-known river, on the Danube on the board of a luxurious catamaran for three hours and you can enjoy the sightseeing of well-known bridges on the Danube in Budapest and the sight of the Hungarian Parliament’s building, between Margit Bridge and Rákóczi Bridge. Secondly, by this Budapest dinner cruise, you can be part of a fine dining experience because you will be served a 4-course meal prepared by an onboard chef. Furthermore, you can enjoy the music played by two pianists and a charming vocalist. Isn’t it attractive? Actually, your girlfriend/wife would be enchanted by receiving such a romantic gift that she would never have thought of. On the other hand, your boyfriend/husband would enjoy the mouth-watering dishes accompanied with great music at the same time. Don’t deprive yourselves of this tiny delight. Believe me; you deserve this Valentine’s Day gift. And you know, this romantic night is just once a year.

Numerous perks in your Valentine’s package

What else makes your Valentine’s Day Cruise even more special? In this dinner cruise, you will be awaited by coloured champagne, heart-shaped appetizers, desserts, and rose petals and there’s Valentine’s package, which makes your night not only special, it gives a romantic atmosphere. The package consists of a red rose, a delicious Szamos Marzipan dessert each and a photo of the two of you together, by which this night can remain unforgettable for each of you. The photo is taken and received all along the cruise. It is much better than just having the common Valentine’s Day program, a dinner with hundreds of other couples in always the same restaurant. It can be even a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those, who live outside the capital. A Budapest sightseeing cruise and a romantic night in one Valentine’s Day program? Yes, that’s really something. So do not hesitate, grab the chance and buy the tickets well advance.


A tailor-made special menu has been created for this event. Whether you are vegetarian or have a food intolerance, do not worry, there is something savoury for you. As a matter of fact, you can choose a fine starter as your first course, and then comes a hot soup. For the main course, there is a list of 6 diverse typical Hungarian or international meals. Therefore, everybody can find the best bites. Of course, the dinner does not end like this. A lovely dessert is served at the end for sweet tooth type people to crown your evening. Meanwhile, you can sip a delicious cocktail or just take a stronger shot; it’s up to you.


Of course, this Valentine’s Day Cruise is accompanied by music and entertainment. Our lady master of ceremony greets everybody in the beginning and she is responsible for the pleasant atmosphere all night. After the dinner, you will be part of a show where two pianists and a charming vocalist will play well known cheerful and melancholic music. If you have any favourite songs, do not hesitate, inform our band well before the show in order to make an unforgettable surprise to your partner. How would he/she react upon hearing the first beats of his/her song dedicated to him/her? Well, it will definitely be an awe-inspiring moment for both of you. To enhance your mood, you are welcome on the stage to perform the chosen song.


Let’s have a few words about this tradition. Its name stems from the widely recognized Roman saint, St. Valentine, who was a martyr of the Roman Empire. He secretly married couples within the Christian Church because of an edict. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned and tortured for his actions. Despite all further attempts, his legend remained and people started to boost this day by giving small Valentine Day’s gifts. And why does it take place in February? The answer is simple: February means the end of winter, the rebirth time of nature. As nature awakens, love also starts to bloom.

Our remarkable music-infused Valentine’s Day dinner cruise is one of the most popular activities in Budapest, thanks to the unique and invaluable experience it gives to our dear guests.

Where does the cruise start? When does this Valentine’s Dinner cruise start?
You need to get on the board from 6.55 pm to 7.30 pm at 1151 Budapest, Petőfi tér, Dock 11. This tour lasts 3 hours. The tour ends at 10.30 pm. The tour is between Margaret Bridge and Rákóczi Bridge. Do not miss it! Valentine’s Day comes around once a year. Surprise your partner, who has stood by your side for a while, with this extraordinary event. Remember, this night is just for you, for your love.