70 Minute Nighttime Budapest Sightseeing Cruise

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Our main goal is to give a perfect picture from Budapest to you by a sightseeing cruise as keeping all the guests’ attention.

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Book your ticket online and enjoy Budapest sightseeing cruise at night!

While sailing with us you will have the possibility to gaze at the panoramic view of Budapest, exploring UNESCO’ s World Heritage sites such as the Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle, and Gellért Hill. Our main goal is to give a perfect picture from Budapest to you by a sightseeing cruise as keeping all the guests’ attention. Cruising along the Danube, you are able to get some knowledge about the two sides of the city called Pest and Buda, separated by the river and crossed by the well-known seven bridges namely Margaret Bridge, Széchenyi Chain Bridge – as the most significant and oldest one in the city -, Rákóczi Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge, Árpád Bridge, Liberty Bridge and Petőfi Bridge.

Your ticket includes:

  • 70 Minutes boat cruise Budapest at night
  • Open deck
  • Buffet (optional)


Departure from Dock 11 Arrival to Dock 11
19:00 20:10
19:30 20:40
20:30 21:40
21:00 22:10


Therefore, if you have decided to purchase tickets in order to have a new adventure in Budapest, regarding prices you can find all information on our website. Tickets can be purchased at Dock 11 personally (near Elisabeth Bridge) or online where you can get extra discount.

Moreover, for each tour guide, bringing a small group of visitors, the 70-minute sightseeing cruise is free. Have you ever heard about Hop On Hop Off boat service? Stay on the boat to look at the monumental buildings or hop on and off at several stops to discover Budapest on foot. Then you will also have the chance to hop on again and stop at the next station. Your ticket is available in 48 hours. The tour ends at the boarding place, exactly the same one of Dock 11 next to Elisabeth Bridge.

Don’t be afraid of any occurring weather conditions. All boats are perfect for the hot summer or extremely cold winter conditions since heating and air-conditioning are also provided. So we are waiting for you all the year around with special meals, great atmosphere, polite and qualified staff.

Not to mention our special types of Danube river cruises. For example, during the so-called booze cruises you are allowed to drink unlimited cold drinks, so non-alcoholic soft drinks and unlimited beer. Furthermore, during snack cruise guests can try mouth-watering street foods such as panini (mortadella classic, parma grande, Greek chicken or pork), Belgian waffles, chocolate fondant or piadina (caprese, Quattro Formaggi, al’prosciutto).

Rather interested in evening river cruises? Choose our extraordinary and unique piano battle show or folklore and operetta shows. Or you are looking for a special venue for your wedding ceremony or birthday party, even a romantic scene on Valentine’s Day, or just want to see the amazing view of the sunset on the River Danube, then think of us and ask for a tailor-made quotation from our helpful colleagues – contact.

Explore all of them from a new perspective not only walking through them but also shipping under, spending a pleasant 75-minute on board. Each bridge has a completely different style as being both touristic and transport facilities. How all of them are so beautiful lit up in the evenings! During the Budapest river cruise, we are passing the main views and sights of the city, ensuring a memorable Budapest sightseeing cruise.

So why is Budapest worth visiting at least once in your life?

Taking notice of the city as a cost-effective one, spend your free time and take observation carefully at the scenic postcard-perfect attractions. Furthermore, amaze how wonderful the river Danube and UNESCO World Heritage sites are. Having a cruise, you will completely become rich by a special experience. Well, there is no better way to discover the whole town than spending 70 minutes with your loved ones in the monumental Budapest. Besides taking part in a sightseeing river cruise, on land taste many traditional Hungarian foods and check local farmers’ market of fruit and vegetables. In hot springs or summers definitely attempt some famous wines and beers made in Hungary.

Even take a walk under the cave labyrinth of Buda Castle to explore the excellent Hungarian wines. Loads of places of interests are expected to discover even the best views can be amazed meanwhile cruising along the Danube for example, the glorious sights of the Banks of the Danube like Hungarian Parliament building or the Buda Castle.

Just to grab your attention here are some more details about the most important sights of this Danube river.

Along the Bazaar gardens Buda Castle can be found on the top of the Buda Hills. This historic royal castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings was built in the 13th century. Thus, the Castle District is famous for its medieval, baroque and neoclassical buildings.

The next viewpoint on this sightseeing tour is actually one of the most beautiful and the third largest government buildings in the world, the Hungarian House of Parliament. It was built in 1902 in Neo-gothic style based on the construction designs of Imre Steindl, Hungary’s famous architect. As far as it is concerned, the Parliament is regarded to be a defining element of Budapest’s breath-taking grandiose sights.

Emerging by the foot of the Elisabeth Bridge, Gellért Hill is a popular tourist destination in the capital city. From the Citadel, a fortress built by the Habsburgs after Hungary’s War of Independence of 1848-49, on the top it offers the best panoramic views of Budapest, especially at night. There is the well-known statue of Bishop St. Gellért holding a cross. By the way, the hill was named after him. Do not miss to take part in an exploration tour under the Gellért Hill Cave Church.

The ship sets sail from the centre of Budapest, the Elisabeth Bridge; then moves towards the Margaret Bridge, where it turns back to the Rákóczi Bridge. Thus, the starting point and finish of the cruise is the same location. You do not need to organize transfer from one place to the other. You only need a parking place for your car, but several taxi companies have stations nearby or choose the famous public transport, the tram #2 which is on the list of the word most beautiful public transport’s routs.

As you see, there is all luring convenience at your disposal. Where else could you find another great opportunity for getting to know the Hungarian capital city so quickly meanwhile premium quality meals of the traditional Hungarian and international cuisine are served accompanied with world-famous wines (the beloved Tokaj Aszú, Bull’s Blood of Eger etc.) and smooth live music or piano play? Do not hesitate, purchase a ticket now and enjoy this colorful daytime or evening program with your beloved one(s) for one of our sightseeing or dinner cruises.