Hungarian Folklore and Dinner Cruise

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4 reviews for Hungarian Folklore and Dinner Cruise

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sara Berry

    We did the dinner cruise and it was lovely.The service was excellent and the food was great.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Diana Ibendhal

    This experience is wonderful, the meal was first class. I had the duck for a main course which was perfect. I would recommend this 100%. 

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steffen Rutherford

    Nice evening cruise with dinner and show. Entertainment was great, the violin guy superb!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barry Birkeland

    Lovely trip and great food and drinks. This was one of the highlights of our stay.

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Budapest Dinner Cruise with Hungarian Folklore Show

Traditional Hungarian Operetta songs and Folklore Dance in Budapest!

All countries have special and unique traditions of their own culture, which give the main characteristic features to a nation. Celebrating your country’s traditions helps you connect it with your own cultural and national heritage but getting to know another culture is more exciting and it is an important part when being abroad. Cultural diversity among even neighboring countries can appear, mainly in music, dance, arts, and crafts, gastronomy so let us say in everyday life. Therefore, we would like to introduce you this time the traditional Hungarian Operetta and Folklore shows presented by local experts on the board of one of our cruise and event ships.

What does Hungarian Folklore mean? Why is this Folklore Show different from any other? Why are foreigners interested in it so much?

Budapest Dinner Cruise Folkore Show

Hungarian folk music plays an important role in the culture of the Hungarians. It has always been with the Hungarian people for thousands of years now, thus it is an essential part of the Hungarian identity. From time to time it gets into fashion even more and lives its revolution throughout the whole country. This is due to the reason for example that famous local pop stars from the young generation mix their current music with the folk one, producing a very unique sound as a result. Or when hundreds of young people gather together on the bank of the river Danube doing a Hungarian folklore flash mob, - they folk dance together – which is extremely spectacular. Needless to say that these elements can highly influence the young school children to get to know the Hungarian folklore even more. Maybe that is why from nursery school (aged 4) children can attend to playful folk-dance classes, and this could be the reason for the numerous folk festivals organized across the country during summertime.

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The folk music of Hungary shows a bit of Asian melodies as well, (no wonders as ancient Huns are originated from Asia) and later on when various groups of Roma people (also known as Gypsies) migrated into the country from India bringing their own cultural styles which resulted in a rich heritage of dance and music. The music itself is made by several kinds of instruments, by some interesting ones for example whistle, flute, zither, cimbalom or pipe and on the typical ones as violin, cello, guitar. Using these various instruments give that special sound to Hungarian folk music.


As for the folk dance, there are some types for example couple dance, solo dance, solo men dance, round dance, jumping dance or csárdás (originated from the Hungarian word csárda which means pub). In this type male dancers are stamping with their feet in an “apart and together” direction, then they are spinning with female dancers, while the rhythm of the music is continuously changing from slow to quick, including very quick tempo.) This is one of the famous Hungarian folk dances of all. The nicely designed costumes worn by the dancers (especially by the female dancers) also belong to the folk dance and for the whole visual experience. Costume designs can vary depending on which part of the country that folk dance and music are from. But as a general feature, we can say that basically all types have embroidery on the garments in various kinds of floral motives. The skirts on the female dancers are just flying so beautifully when they are moving their hips to the sound of the music. Once it is worth seeing or even trying this dance.




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Hungarian Operetta is another kind of unique features of Hungary. It has some similar parts with folklore, yet it is different. These kinds of musical shows are mainly performed in theatres by professional actors and actresses in exclusive dresses. The plot usually tells a full story especially about love, often spiced with humor due to the miscommunication between the lovers. You can have a slice of the Hungarian Operetta as well if you decide to get on board with us since we have invited some famous Hungarian Operetta artists to perform the most famous songs from Hungarian Operetta musicals.

We are pretty sure that by this time you may have learned that Hungarian folklore and Operetta are in a special place in the Hungarians’ heart and as such you should not skip this experience while you are staying in Hungary. Luckily enough we are here to introduce you these cultural features of Hungary on a special cruise event night.

Our Budapest River Cruise company is the only provider who merges two different parts of how you can know more about Hungary. We organize Budapest Dinner Cruises with special live entertainments on the stage, such as our Budapest Folklore Show.


Burchée bites filled with a selection of traditional creams, served with rocket salad

Burchée bites filled with a selection of traditional creams, served with rocket salad

Spring salad with honey-mustard dressing

Spring salad with honey-mustard dressing

Goulash Soup

Goulash Soup

Potato cream soup with carrot curl topping

Veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings

Veal stew with Hungarian noodle dumplings

Chicken breast slices with saffron risotto

Chicken breast slices with saffron risotto

Roasted trout almond coating on steamed green bean bed with mashed potato and dill sauce

Roasted trout almond coating on steamed green bean bed with mashed potato and dill sauce

Duck leg confit with buttery mashed potato served with steamed red cabbage

Duck leg confit with buttery mashed potato served with steamed red cabbage

Tofu with fresh salad

Tofu with fresh salad

Grilled Halloumi Cheese served with fresh garden salad

Grilled Halloumi Cheese served with fresh garden salad

Flan cake forest fruit ragout

Flan cake forest fruit ragout

Sesonal fruit salad

What can you discover during your Budapest Cruise?

Our Dinner cruise has a 4-course menu with a welcome drink, choosing sparkling wine or non-alcoholic version by arriving in the boat at the very beginning of the trip. The menu includes appetizers, soups, main dishes, and dessert, too. We are also taking care of our guests who are on a special diet, being a vegan or vegetarian or suffering from lactose or gluten problems will not cause any problem for us. Should you need any special food during the cruise you are kindly asked to get in touch with our staff before the dinner program. All of the dishes are prepared by an onboard chef and served by our friendly staff onto your table during a 3-hour river cruise.

Let us tell a few words about the four-course menu, itself. Well, to be very short it can be a traditional Hungarian or an international menu course, it depends on your choice. For the starter, you can either choose a light salad or some stuffed pasty baskets, for the soup you can have some vegetable cream soup, but you can taste the traditional goulash soup (believe us it is worth it). Then comes the main course, which is pretty exciting as you can choose from six different types of meals here. We offer typical Hungarian meals for example stew (known as “pörkölt” in Hungarian) which is diced meat (pork or beef) stewed on fried onion mixed with paprika powder – the typical Hungarian spice served with mashed potatoes and pickles. On the contrary, if you are not keen on tasting unusual meals, you will still find your choice as we also serve fish, chicken or duck meals, but vegetarian main courses as well.

Among the desserts there are fruity - and chocolate-based ones, again you can pick what you like the most. As you can see you will really need your stomach to be prepared for this night. And we have not mentioned anything about drinks so far. You can buy your dinner ticket with or without a drink package. The drink package includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Within the package, we can offer different types of selected wines from the famous Hungarian wine regions, red, white, rosé as well. We also serve sparkling wines and beers.

The non-alcoholic drinks can be mineral water, soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee etc. Should you purchase a drink package, all of the drinks are available for unlimited times during the cruise. Surely without a drink package, our guests are not going to be thirsty. Further, shots are also available. We have a classic bar on board where you can select a drink from the drink list and pay it on the spot. Choose whatever is the most comfortable for you and then decide how to purchase your dinner ticket.

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The boat has two different levels, looking outside and having fresh air while you can dematerialize yourself and chill out with your family and friends. Our Budapest Dinner Cruise is able to assure you with great adventure and gives you an opportunity to create the best picture for your Instagram or Facebook.

The folklore and Operetta show has got two sessions. The first session is rather about music and singing. In this section, our guests are getting familiar both with the traditional Hungarian folk music and with the popular Operetta songs. The melodies are performed by Hungarian musicians and artists. The four-course menu is being served during this part so you will need to pay attention to your meals too besides you are listening to the songs. The second part is about folk dance. Professional folk dancers are joining us to introduce you the traditional Hungarian folk dances and to simply fascinate you.

We gladly give you a great night as an unforgettable experience you will never forget. Our Folklore Show will start in the second round of the program and take 50 minutes, where you can see the secret of the Hungarian Folklore dancers, listening to classical gypsy musicians on the stage. Our Folklore dancers during the Night River Cruise will teach you a few folklore steps after having the 4-course dinner to lose some weight picked up before.

Why can we guarantee exciting moments? If you gaze at the stage you will see culture and dance while you are listening to joyful songs in a peaceful area with the greatest city of the World around you. Continue your adventure and wonder the city on board by a Budapest river cruise.

Toast with a glass of champagne or of famous Hungarian wine to the amazing the panoramic view Budapest provides, including all beauties you must see once in your life. Enjoy being the part of our lifestyle; get some knowledge about our special traditions, unique culture that Budapest dinner cruise creates.

Have pleasure in talented musicians, folklore dancers live on board meanwhile exploring Buda Castle, the Margaret Bridge, Matthias Church, the well-known Hungarian Parliament, and Gellért Hill as the best way of sightseeing lit up at nights. Be part of millions of tourists too to visit us. Spend a romantic, elegant and relaxing sightseeing cruise far from the crowded city while having fine dining by Budapest river cruise.