Wine Tasting Budapest with Taste and Play

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1 review for Wine Tasting Budapest with Taste and Play

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Enrice Gustavo

    We celebrate my birthday. I got this programme from my family. We really enjoey it,moreover we see a Folklore Show on the stage while we play with wine!

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Have you ever been in Hungary while having international casino based party games where you can learn the tricks of wine tasting while floating on the Danube river and enjoying live music, have you? We highly doubt it, since our matchless Taste and Play program has just been launched and now is ready for adventurous pioneers to take a chance on the good luck and the sensitive sensory organs.

Basically, this is a casino themed wine tasting event, where you can enjoy the excitement of a casino game while experimenting the way of proper wine tasting. We recommend it for team building, stag party, even for family occasions if everyone is over 18.

How do we play our Wine Tasting Game?

At the beginning of the game, we gave you all the chips you have to organize during the game and you get a new personality since we use name cards for remembering each other's names. Don't think we learn each other's real name, but you can hide behind the face of a famous character such as Pinocchio or Queen Elisabeth.

Your tool during the wine tasting in Budapest is a black (not transparent) wine glass, which will restrict you to recognize even the color of the wine you are drinking. Did you know, 80% of the received information comes through the eyes? Did you know, that all the other senses lean on the vision while living your everyday life? This game will allow you to test all your other senses while discovering the taste of the wine. Be careful and don't let your confidence rise, thinking you are an expert wine consumer. Based on our experiences, we know, everyone can fail our test (and before we forget,  don't think you will cheat and learn about the wine based on the bottle since the bottle will be covered as well).

1st round, your wine is pulled into your glass, you tasted it and now is time to take a bet. When everybody is ready, the croupier will reveal the wine and you get your winnings. While you enjoy the rest of the wine and eat your fingertip snacks, the croupier will explain everything you should know about the wine. Don't worry, it is not gonna be a dry, boring explanation, it is all about fun (we won't ask at the end what you have learned and you don't have to take an exam either)