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It is no exaggeration to mention that sightseeing cruise is a perfect occasion for admiring both sides of Budapest as Pest and Buda as well their gorgeous views lit up at night as an illustration.


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Your ticket includes:

  • 80 Minutes boat cruise budapest
  • 1 pizza / person
  • Unlimited beer
  • Buffet (optional)


Departure place:

1051 Budapest, Jane Haining Rakpart, Dock 11.

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Budapest Booze Cruise

Sightseeing cruise in Budapest is one of the most popular program on the River Danube.

Each tourist would gladly desire to visit the whole Budapest, its significant parts and spectacles. Are you also interested in the Hungarian capital city, but you have not too much time? Do not worry! We have a unique and great idea. Reach all monuments by a Budapest river cruise on the Danube to be able to explore the magnificent panorama for which millions of guests are travelling to here year by year. The amazing panoramic view with its natural and historical uniqueness observed from the ship provides you a never-to-be-forgotten event.

So our program is an excellent choice for all kinds of occasions from events of your company to family celebrations. But if you would like to spend some pleasant hours with your beloved one, our sightseeing cruises are also ideal solutions for you! What can be more romantic than sailing on the sparkling waves and adoring wonderful buildings together?




When and where are you able to reach us?

It is no exaggeration to mention that sightseeing cruise is a perfect occasion for admiring both sides of Budapest as Pest and Buda as well their gorgeous views lit up at night as an illustration. Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Hill, the Hungarian Parliament, Gellért Hill, National Theatre, Royal Palace, and the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge are all the parts of UNESCO World Heritage.

Boarding time: 15-30 minutes before departure time.

Our luxurious ships and boats have both open and enclosed areas, and they are suitable for all kinds of weather. During the winter months, the boat is heated, in summers of course, it is air-conditioned; it also equipped with Wifi, a snack bar, two levels – the upper one offers opened panorama. Our programme allows several experiences. You can flash a glance to the most famous buildings of the Hungarian capital city and also learn some interesting information on them; you have a chance to visit the Margaret Island – and besides this sightseeing tour, you can enjoy the feeling of nature while you are sailing on the waves of the river Danube.

Believe us, you don’t want to miss this unique adventure! Get together with your friends and families to have knowledge about Budapest and enjoy the spectacular sightseeing cruise as the best way to admire the panoramic views of Budapest’s landmark. Remember a relaxing daytime cruise!



What should you best of taking a booze cruise Budapest?

Reaching the Margaret Island, – 2.5 km long one in the middle of the Danube, spanning between Margaret Bridge and Árpád Bridge – we will dock nearby so do not miss to get out and explore the peacefulness as one of the places in the crowded smoky central Budapest that suggests pleasure hours in nature. The island is mainly covered with parks; grasslands as widespread recreational area even taste cold house beers or wines with the common, typical “lángos” (scone) or sweet “kürtőskalács” (Chimney cake) by sellers’ stands. This dessert is a spit cake which consists of flour, icing sugar, salt, yeast, eggs, milk, and butter. Actually, it’s sweet yeast dough. „Lángos” is salted and often also seasoned with some garlic, pepper, or filed cheese.

In the medieval ages, this island was known as the „island of rabbits”. Later, there was a king called Béla IV and during his reign, Tatar invasion was in Hungary. The king made an oath if God saved him and his country, he would offer his daughter to be a nun. So Princess Margaret became a nun in the cloister of the island. She lived in a very religious and humble way; later his father tried to absolve her from the vow, but Margaret wanted to stay in the cloister as a nun. Despite the princess was really respected, she was canonized much later, in 1943. You can visit her tomb and the ruins of some monasteries (Franciscan, Dominican, and Norbertine).

Another sight is the fountain which plays nice music made by a Szekely handyman called Péter Bodor. Actually, it is well known by Palatinus water park and Hajós Alfréd sports pool even tennis stadium. In case you are desiring sporting facilities moreover in hot summers, get out from sightseeing cruise and splash into the water. Lots of Hungarian artists loved this place. The most famous example is János Arany who wrote many of his late poems here such as ’Under the oaks’. This is the part of the group of poems called Őszikék (őszike is a kind of crocus). However, the writer Mór Jókai or Gyula Krúdy, the actress Kornélia Prille or Mari Jászai, or the painter Károly Lotz spent their time with pleasure on the Margaret Island.


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