Budapest Private boat rental and Danube River Cruises!

Sightseeing on a boat offers a unique experience. It is extremely valid for Budapest, the capital of Hungary, where the town is split into two by Europe’s most significant river, the Danube. You are very welcomed on board if you would like to see and enjoy the sights of Budapest from a river view perspective. What’s more; if you fancy discovering the beauties of Budapest privately or within your own group or rather you are just having a special event, such as engagement or stag party where the perfect background could be the river- view of the town, then we are pleased to announce that you can rent private boats from us as well.

There are numerous cases if someone would like to celebrate or organize an event on a boat. Below we gathered some favorite occasions to which private boat rentals are highly recommended as they are able to increase the atmosphere of the event, therefore, making the whole occasion more memorable:

• Marriage, or events connected to marria

• Stag party or bachelorette par

• Team building par

• Conferences, traini

• Christmas par

• Birthdays, anniversaries, other family occasio

• Private sightseeing tou

• Romantic sunset seeing to

• Sightseeing tour by nig

• Visiting other towns along the Danube, Visegrád, Szentendre

A stag party program in Budapest? Team building program in Budapest? – Choose us to make your event more memorable. Renting a boat and organizing your special event on board is the perfect choice to celebrate together with your group (your best guys or with your colleagues). A party boat night out is an unforgettable way to spend the night together.

Let us introduce you to the world of private boat rentals.

Once you have decided that your perfect spot for your event is going to be a special place, let us say a boat, then we are happy to offer you our boat fleet, which has been proven several times what an extraordinary experience one can have if he dares to celebrate in a different way. Our boats can be rented with a captain and according to the size, a crew is added as well. Boat rentals can be valid for trips outside Budapest along the river Danube, but they can stay fixed as well at the docks. We are delighted to help you planning river cruise routes with possible stops, boarding spots, and if you wish to get the boat off in a different place, with another arrival destinations.

Let’s check together the general features of our fleet:

Due to the wide selection, we can offer private boats from 1 person up to 250 people on board.

Each of our boats is being technically tested and examined continuously in order to fulfill the technical and mechanical requirements.

Our boats are equipped both with closed and open-air terraces in order to hide or rather enjoy the outside weather.

In the closed areas there are cooling and heating systems as well, so the inner atmosphere could be pleasant at all time.

We are happy to serve you extra wishes as such catering or sound system, should you are interested in any of them; kindly ask to get in touch with us.

Our currently available fleet:

TÁLTOS event and cruise ship


With a maximum capacity of 250 people (lower level 150 people, upper level 100 people), our custom designed catamaran is a perfect place for organizing large parties as corporate team building parties or wedding ceremonies. The ship is lying on the river in a very stable way – due to the catamarans’ special bodies – it has less fluctuation than the generalship shape. There is a bar, lavatories onboard – disabled as well if needed, and cooling and heating system to provide a pleasant temperature for your event. From the open-air terrace located in the front of the ship, you can admire the wonderful view of Budapest and the Danube itself.

TÁLTOS is highly recommended for wedding ceremonies and team building parties.

WIKING event and cruise ship

It is also a specially designed ship with a maximum capacity of 100 people; (lower level 60 people, upper level 40 people). The upper level is an open-air area with shades above, so you can enjoy nice weather without any sunburn, or hide away from drizzles while the lower area is perfect for any kind of events to be organized up to 60 people.

WIKING is highly recommended for birthday parties or other family occasions, team building programmes, stag parties or bachelorette parties.

MARGITSZIGET event and cruise ship

Having been fully renewed, this veteran ship is again waiting for its clients on her board either for a town sightseeing tour or for excursions outside of Budapest, with the maximum capacity of 150 people (lower level 100 people, upper level 50 people)

MARGITSZIGET is highly recommended for birthday parties or other family occasions, team building parties, wedding ceremonies, sightseeing tours on the Danube.

Small boats, motorboat rentals, and purchasing opportunities

You can also rent small boats, motorboats from us with a maximum capacity of 12 people. These kinds of boats can be rented with a captain. They are perfect for sightseeing tours for a small group or even for photo shooting where the beauty of Budapest with its classical buildings along the riverbank and the river itself could add an ideal background to your photos.

These kinds of smaller boats are highly recommended for photo shooting (engagement or wedding occasions), proposals, stag parties, bachelorette parties sightseeing tours for a smaller group, romantic sunset watching tours.

If you have experienced already the boat-life and now you intend to buy a motorboat, kindly ask to get in touch with us and our team will assist you from the very first steps and guide you through to make a good decision on your purchase. Further on, you will be allowed to use all of our harbor services countrywide.

If we could raise your interest in any kinds of our offers above, feel free to contact us! We are happy to serve you and find together the best solution you are requested for. Either it is a stag party, a wedding ceremony, or a team building party on a rented boat in Budapest.

Hope to see you soon on board.